Expanding Into Atlantic Canada

Pioneer Energy has jumped into the home heating business in a big way. As the Esso branded reseller in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Pioneer will be serving an estimated 21,000 households as well as commercial bulk fuels customers in the two provinces.

The markets will be served by Pioneer Fuels Inc., the newest member of the pioneer Group of Companies, which is headquartered in Dartmouth, N.S.

"Pioneer has acquired seven bulk fuel facilities in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, entering into a long-term agreement to serve as an Esso branded reseller," said Dave MacFarlane, Pioneer energy VP, Real Estate and Development. "This is a natural extension of our energy businesses, and we are very pleased to be doing business in the Maritimes for the first time in our history."

Brian Kitchen, Vice President, Dealer and Reseller Sales, heads up the new business unit. "We see lots of opportunities for growth in Atlantic Canada. We are in the process of hiring sales and administrative staff to make that happen."

Brian expects business growth to come on several fronts, including acquisition of resellers and distributors in the market.

"We are also looking at added-value businesses including burner repairs as well as leasing and selling furnaces and hot-water heaters. We plan to set up a storefront, but most of the sales will be done over the Internet."

He noted that Pioneer Fuels is in the process of acquiring a burner service business to launch into these new business areas.

Home-heating fuel deliveries are being handled by Global Fuels Inc. of Burlington.

Brian said Global is already well entrenched in the Maritimes, ensuring customers will be well served. "We are working with Global Fuels to ensure that people and equipment that had been servicing this market are kept in place wherever possible."

Chris Honsberger, Esso Industrial & Commercial Sales Manager - Eastern Canada, said Imperial Oil is pleased to build on the success of an earlier partnership with pioneer as an Esso branded reseller in Ontario. "Pioneer has been serving the energy needs of Canadians for many years, and offers a wide range of high-quality products and services."

Dave MacFarlane noted Pioneer will continue looking for opportunities to expand through acquisition. "Meeting the needs of Canadians' energy needs is what makes us successful, and we plan to stay at the forefront.

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